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  • Massaging Gel Insole

Massaging Gel Insole

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  • Massages feet with each step

  • Provides all day long comfort and cushioning

  • Honeycomb design stimulates blood flow

  • High shock absorbing Ultra-Gel

  • Helps alleviate Heel Spur and Heel Strike pain

  • Distributes your body weight evenly over your feet

  • Relieves stress from your spine, knees, ankles and feet

  • Our Massaging Insoles promote the wellness of the body by stimulating. These insoles are designed to perform. They offer both foot structure and support, while giving comfort and all-day-long pain relief.

  • Available in both Men's and Ladies' sizes.

    Being on your feet all day, every day is hard work, but with the Massaging Insoles, you will feel the comfort as your feet are massaged and stimulated with every step. Our Massaging Insoles enhance your body's performance and efficiency, while reducing pain and fatigue.

    Recommended for the following activities:

    - Walking / Standing
    - General Daily Wear


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